Starkey Introduces New Wi Series

Starkey Wi Series Hearing aidStarkey has joined the Bluetooth craze with its introduction of Wi, the new product line designed to eliminate whistling, provide improved understanding in background noise, and stream audio from televisions, radio and computers wirelessly to your hearing aids.

The Wi series works in conjunction with the Starkey SurfLink Media streamer, which Starkey touts as a “set it and forget it” wireless transmitter that you simply plug into your TV or other audio devices with no need for a pairing procedure to the hearing aids.  Once the device is plugged in, you can simply enjoy unrivaled sound quality sent directly to your hearing aids.  Transitioning of the connection to another audio device is simple; just move to the room with another SurfLink and the devices will connect automatically for you! Now your friends and family members can enjoy listening to television at their comfort level while you have access to the volume necessary for you and your hearing loss.

The Wi series is available in two receiver in the ear styles, both Standard and Absolute Power; providing your hearing healthcare professional more flexibility to better fit your hearing loss.  In addition, for those who prefer having control over their hearing aids, the Wi series comes with an optional SurfLink remote control which provides access to volume and program changes in the hearing aids.

To determine if the Starkey Wi series is right for you, make an appointment with your local hearing healthcare provider.

Hearing Aids Are Disappearing … In The Ear

Over the years they have gotten smaller and smaller. Now, they are even invisible. 

As consumers demaned a hearing device that sounded much like human ear, but one that was also so discreet it couldn’t be noticed, manufacturers responded. Starkey responded with the OtoLens.

The OtoLens is titled an invisible CIC. This hearing aid fits deep into the ear’s canal. So deep, in fact, that you won’t be able to see it.  It is designed to fit inside the second bend of the ear canal and uses the ear’s natural shape to help create a natural sound quality, according to Starkey.

The OtoLen fits and operates much like a traditional CIC.  Even though it fits deep into the canal, it is designed to be removed daily much the same way a traditional CIC would be removed.

There’s another product also being marketed as an invisible hearing aid, the Lyric.

This hearing instrument also fits deep in the canal and is advertised as the “world’s first and only 100% invisible, extended wear hearing device.” 

The Lyric is not like most hearing aids. It is inserted and worn, day and night, for up to 120 days. Patients then must visit their hearing care professional for a replacement. Unlike traditional hearing aids, Lyric is sold on a subscription basis.

Not everyone is a candidate for the Lyric or Starkey OtoLens. If you are interested in a nearly invisible hearing aid, but want something other than the Lyric or Starkey OtoLens, try a traditional CIC, which are made by nearly all hearing aid manufacturers.

ReSound and Beltone (both Great Nordic companies) make a CIC that  has a remote mic. These hearing aids fit entirely inside the ear and are also made to be nearly invisible.

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