ReSound Unite Mini Microphone

ReSound Unite Mini MicrophoneReSound, one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, introduced the ReSound Unite Mini Microphone at the American Academy of Audiology convention held in Chicago earlier in April of this year.

ReSound is the creator of the Alera product line, a family of hearing instruments that has changed how we perceive wireless technology implementation in hearing aids.  Various accessories can be used with the Alera instruments to improve sound quality of television, telephones and various other Bluetooth devices.

However, ReSound has once again gone above and beyond by creating a microphone that can be used in conjunction with the Alera instruments to aid in improved conversation.  The Mini Mic works as an FM system, which is a device that essentially transmits the voice of a person speaking into a microphone directly into the hearing aids of the listener. The Mini Mic opens up a whole new world to Alera users, whom did not have prior access to FM system use with the Alera instruments.  The Mini Mic can be clipped onto the collar of the person that is speaking and is very lightweight and discreet.

Added bonus- the Mini Microphone can be plugged into external audio devices like iPods and various other MP3 players, thus streaming music directly into your hearing aids!

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