Phonak Savia Art

Phonak Savia Art is a hearing aid that provides sound quality and adjustable functionality to wearers.

What technology does Phonak Savia Art offer?


This hearing aid has 6 automatic programs and selects the right program for your listening needs.

NoWhistle Technology

Phonax Savia Art advanced technology eliminates whistling, keeping a quality sound experience.

Self Learning

The Phonax Savia Art offers Self Learning which has the ability to learn and adapt to all volume preferences in any situation.

What sizes are available?

BTE, RIC, Mini RIC, Full Shell, ITE, CIC

Phonak Savia Art Hearing Aid

Features and Benefits

    • SoundRelax
    • Real ear sound
    • AutoPilot
    • EasyPhone
    • EasyFM
    • NoWhistle technology
    • EchoBlock
    • Digital SurroundZoom
    • Wind noise management

      Source: Phonak

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